Two years on.

Two years on.

By Nik Govier, CEO & Founder, Blurred

When we first applied for Blueprint in Spring 2020 the aftermath of George Floyd’s brutal murder was resonating around the world. Fast forward two years and we were waking-up to war on our doorstep and trying to comprehend the abuse targeted at another entire group of people.

Oppression still reigns, but I’d like to think that the industry has made progress. And when there are still so many horrors on a macro level, it makes it ever more important to believe we’re contributing to change on a micro level. Because it has to start somewhere. And because it’s all the micro aggressions, the ‘isolated’ cases of racism, and the many many MANY tiny conscious and unconscious acts that morph into something bigger and make the world an uglier and – ultimately – more inequitable place.

In these last two years we’ve seen the industry wake up. Some have championed it, some just came along for the ride. But no one can ignore it. The problem is not solved – far from it, and I know we at Blurred still have a long way to go – but there’s been a conscious awakening and a reprioritisation that means that racism can’t be ignored or swept under the carpet. There’s been some progress.

The very act of applying – as long as it’s accompanied by a genuine desire to improve – makes you better. Simple as that.”

Blurred is a very different business to the one that applied first time round, when we were just a year old. Back then we had intent – and belief in what was right – but we had a lot of blind spots, including simple things like not appreciating the dangers of ‘cultural fit’. We achieved Ally status, but quite rightly were not fully Blueprinted.

The second time round we have been. And here’s why. The very act of applying – as long as it’s accompanied by a genuine desire to improve – makes you better. Simple as that.

By the time we’d received our feedback and action plan two years ago, we’d already taken giant leaps forward – getting clarity on those blind spots but also seeing where our own Purpose could create opportunity. This led to everything from policies that allow bank holiday swaps for more personally relevant days i.e. Diwali, to intern partnerships with comprehensive schools and a NEETS charity. And over the last two years we’ve leaned in, done more work and learnt from the others who have subsequently joined the Blueprinted ranks.

Reapplying gave us time to pause, to reassess, and to question what we do and why. Is it good enough? Does it need to evolve? How can we be better still? And as a result, I believe we’ve taken a few more steps forward. Small steps, but each with the power to create real change; to ensure more people have better – fairer – opportunities and are properly heard and welcomed as themselves.

We can’t eradicate racism. But we can take responsibility in terms of righting wrongs, speaking up and creating better workplaces. And the Blueprint can – and does – provide that vital guiding path.