The Blueprint for in-house & comms organisations launches

The Blueprint for in-house & comms organisations launches

The move follows an increase in enquiries from in-house comms teams keen to apply for The Blueprint.

Launched in June 2020, The Blueprint aims to promote racial diversity in PR and communications. Unlike other diversity marks, The Blueprint for parity was created by comms pros, focuses solely on ethnic diversity, must be renewed every two years, and can be removed if organisations are considered to be in breach of its terms.

To apply for The Blueprint, organisations must complete a 40+ question application form detailing their existing commitment to diversity. Applications are marked by an independent panel of judges: Henry Rowling (founder, Flying Cars innovation agency); Sasha Daly (advocacy and influencing consultant) and Nyree Connell (healthcare policy manager and Blueprint strategy advisor).

Organisations awarded ‘The Blueprint’ sign up to a series of 23 commitments from recruitment to working culture aimed at promoting ethnic diversity from work experience to board level. 

Elizabeth Bananuka, Founder & CEO, BME PR Pros & Blueprinted, said: “Nearly two years after we launched The Blueprint and with an increasing number of enquiries from diverse comms teams doing exciting, inclusive, accessible work, now seems like the perfect time to launch The Blueprint for In-house and The Blueprint for Comms Orgs. We know the vast majority of comms professionals are based in-house, with The CIPR’s #PRInAPandemic research reporting 69% of professionals, so we expect an exciting mix of applications and innovative, inspiring approaches to promoting diversity from our colleagues in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. The Blueprint judges and I look forward to awarding our first in-house team and comms organisation The Blueprint.”

Since The Blueprint for parity launched in 2020, it has been awarded to twelve agencies including Manifest, Blurred, Hope&Glory, Cirkle, Riot Communications, CCgroup, and Harvard.

To request an an application in-house professionals and comms organisations should email