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On Point: Workshops for those who value diversity & more than one type of customer.

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How to Capture and Share Data Legally

Presented by The Equal Group: Mac Alonge and Rachael Owhin


Cost: £39.99 Blueprinted companies, £54.99 non-Blueprinted
Mac Alonge
Mac Alonge is the Founder and CEO of data-driven, equality, diversity and inclusion company, The Equal Group. Mac and The Equal Group are focused on providing forward thinking organisations with the tools and support that they need to optimise their equality, diversity and inclusion efforts.

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Rachael Owhin
Rachael Owhin is an experienced Equality, Diversity and Inclusion professional, having worked with numerous UK and Global businesses to create race and gender equality in the workplace as a Diversity Advisor at Business in the Community. She has pioneered inclusion programmes focused on young people and access to education with Accenture and the University of Oxford, and delivered a cross-organisational mentoring programme for Black and Asian staff across 27 businesses.

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